Our Girls

Catching Lilly's Lil Attitude

@ Youngs (Atti)

10"   10 lbs

Blue Merle/Left Br eye/Blue fleck

Panel clear on all but PRA,DM

carrier (not affected) 

Red Factored

Retired.......Beartooths High Stakes Stella @ Dugger Mountain (Stella)

13"   18 lbs

Blue Merle/Blue flecked/Br flecked

Full Panel Clear

Red Factored


Beartooth's Bella Bleu Moon (Bella)

13.5" 20 lbs

Blue Merle/2 blue eyes

Full Panel clear


Justa Lil Daisy Mae (Daisy)

11"   10 lbs

Red Merle/2 blue eyes

Full Panel Clear

Beartooth's Blooming Magnolia

@ Dugger Mountain (Maggs)

12"   15lbs

Black Tri/copper

Full Panel Clear

Red Factored

head shot.jpg

Lakefront Acres Roxy at

Parsons Place

16 in.   30 lbs

Red Tri/Blue eyes

Panel clear except carrier PRA, DM 

Tidy Up My Crown @Waymires (Sue)

15 in  28 lbs

Blue Merle/L: Blue/R: Blue/Hazel

Heza Hank the Tank @ Youngs


Black Tri/copper

FullPanel Clear, except MDR1

Red Factored

Strong Herding Instincts


Fullerton's Magical Titan at

Dugger Mountain (Ty)

14.5" 21 lbs

Red Tri

Full Panel Clear

Non Cryptic Merle


Support Dog....  Okies Ramblin' Man (Waylon)

16.5" 30 lbs

 Cryptic Merle m/Mc-m/226

(Looks and breeds as a tri)

Full Panel Clear

LakeFront Acres Double Aces (Ace)

15" 26 lbs

Black Tri/Copper

Full Panel Clear

Red Factored

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