This cutie pie is so playful. When she was a pup she loved to hide under furniture then jump out at whomever was passing by.
Stella and Hank
Hank and Stella enjoyed dock diving and entertaining the crowds at Bass Pro Shop in Nashville.
Ty 8 weeks old
This handsome guy has the sweetest disposition. His sire is a championed BET.
Picking up Daisy
Waylon & Bella
What can I say... BLUE EYES for days.
Lydia and Daisy
Our dogs and pups are exposed to small children at an early age.
Waylon,Gosh this boy loves the water
The life of the party. Don't leave a water bowl out or a kiddie pool because he will be in the middle of it. Waylon will start dock diving this summer.
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Our little ATTItude. She might be the smallest of our crew but she runs the show.
Hank at training
Hank taking a "fitness" class.
Hank stretching out trying to catch his wubba. This beautiful picture was captured by Janine Pearman.
See the wubba, get the wubba. Hank will do almost anything for his toys.
Sweet Stella loves to sit on the back of the recliner and rest her head on whoever is sitting there.
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