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Dugger Mtn. Aussies


Roxy and Waylon Litter



Roxys litter Wanted posters-025.jpg

Rose was the first captured. She really had a long flight, but landed in the arms of a very sweet Brenda.

Roxys litter Wanted posters-030.jpg

Juneau (Belle) and Kate were captured by Kyle and living in Montgomery. Kyle could not make up his mind, so he chose both girls.

Roxys litter Wanted posters-029.jpg

Cubby (Billy) is living in Georgia with Greg and Linda. If there was ever love at first sight, this was it.

Roxys litter Wanted posters-027.jpg

Jax (Jesse) was captured in Georgia and living with Echo and two sweet boys. He is a very lucky boy. 

Roxys litter Wanted posters-026.jpg

Sugar (Pearl), that little girl is so loved by Cadence and living in Athens.  She had a welcome party with lots of Aussie friends to welcome her.

Roxys litter Wanted posters-028.jpg

Sam was my last puppy to be captured and I must admit he could have stayed on loose in Alabama, however he was captured by the sweetest lady and her grandsons now living in Georgia.

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